Sunday, August 16, 2009

My trip to Durdle Door

When I lived in England, I often got together with my good, long time, friend T. We met when we were 18 or so, worked together and were housemates for a couple of years. A very good friend.

She was also a Canadian living in England (actually she still is) and we use to love getting together for expat bitch-fests and also to play tourist.

One weekend we decided to go to Durdle Door. So we loaded up her little rust bucket and off we went. Here are some photos of our nice trip:

Yeah, I thought I heard something...


We decide to forget Durdle Door and went to Avebury instead. It was very, very relaxing, interesting and I loved it. Better pics.

Requisite blog 'drive-by' pic, with a film camera, 'member those?

I can not, for the life of me, remember this mound's name. Anyone? It's right beside Avebury. It's driving me nuts!

I loved Avebury but I'm hoping to actually see Durdle Door one day; cos ain't it cool?

Photo swiped from here.
(I wasn't looking for fetish wear and a crop.)


  1. It seems you were well prepared for that kind of accident with that heavy trunk. Old rusty cars need that kind of equipment. No idea about the places, sorry!

    I always wonder what kind of teeny weeny cars I used to drive and taking photos on film camera. Thank god those days are over.

  2. Apparently, may be Silbury Hill.

    Would suggest a holiday to visit....but maybe not!

  3. Chrome, yep prepared with a mobile phone and the phone number to some roadside assistance thingy! I would not go back to film, no way but I love little cars!

    Jayne, Silbury Hill!!! yep! thanks...

    Thanks, DUTA.

  4. I love the name of that place. Back in school My friend and I used to drive our geography teacher mad , going " durdurdle urdle urdle urdle urdle doooooooooor"



  5. haha! you cruel kids!

    Speaking of the name, after my friend first suggested the trip, I got very frustrated by the lack of info I was finding by googling Turtle Tor! ;-)

  6. Is that a little old SEAT? Love the "drive-by"...I'm a fan of drive by's don't you know!

  7. I like a good 'drive by' too. 'Durdle Door'..... I get it now.
    I got a cracking drive by a few weeks ago. I'll post it soon.
    Nice mound BTW.

  8. Rob, that was a Fiat Panda named Connie. She's dead now. (wipes tears)

    Thank you Neil. ;-)

  9. That tire exploded - it's in shreds. Very funny - the trip to Durdle Door that wasn't. I wonder how it got its name?

  10. And now I know where you got those lovely pink shorts you wore the other night......... I peeked through the mask. ;-)

  11. Good question Wolynski... no idea!

    You're very naughty, Neil.
    (taps implement on palm)

  12. I never even knew it existed till now! (Durdle's Door not Avebury). Guess that's what happens when you drop geography at 14 after 2 years of deranged supply teachers talking about sheep.