Sunday, August 9, 2009

Answering Neil's phonebox challenge.

Over on the blog, 'Light and Dark' Neil's Scenic Sunday post was called Scotland's Best Phonebox and in it he described and posted photos of a phonebox he found in a very beautiful setting. Lovely stuff.

However, at the bottom of his post he got cheeky (gasp!) and wrote, "So...... what do you think? Can anyone beat this? I throw down the gauntlet........."

Well, Mr Tasker, look at THIS!

Canada's Most Scenic Scottish Phonebox



  1. Ha, ha. Very scenic, silly, but scenic.

  2. hah, I smell photoshop... those things are just too darn heavy for a cable!

    nice though

  3. Ha! Oh yes, definitely the most scenic - gauntlet claimed methinks!

  4. Ah huh! Finally... someone who knows the truth when they see it!

    Photoshop?! Silly?! Well, I never!

  5. All you need is the Verizon Wireless guy saying "Can you hear me now?". If you haven't seen the commercial here's a link.

  6. I hereby doff my cap to you ma'am. No way anyone could have doctored that......

    ....bored last night? ;-)

  7. Now this is surely a strong contender but I think I might just be able to beat it. You'll have to wait while I run back up Ben Nevis to get a shot of the handy phonebox located at the top.

  8. Haha... get up there Gennasus or get photoshopping. ;-)

    Ma'am!? Neil, do you understand the horror of being called ma'am?

    Yeah I was bored. :-)