Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Powerless day...

Literally. BC Hydro had to replace a pole out front. No electricty from 9am to 5pm. No phone either. I work online, so day off! Woohoo!!!

Nothing like not having something to help you realize how much you rely on it! But, it's also a good experience to go without to explore options, get perspective and/or simply be more appreciative. I'm not just talking electricity and phones here...

But I also am talking electricity and phones!

Today I had no internet, music or calls. No hot bevies and it was cold today (forethought and a thermas would have been a good idea). Not much to eat! (again forethought could have been handy here!). No hot water or hairdryer and a serious head of bed hair (again, forethought!).

But it was also very nice...

I went for a walk (wearing a nice hat). I read a book in a sunbeam. I caught up on a correspondence course. And I've been reminded that going to the loo in the glow of candlelight is very nice!

I might do 'no power days' more often. Marnie unplugged days. I feel very peaceful...

(BTW, I did a Google image search for hydro poles and he appeared on the first page. Not really my type but I thought some man-candy might appeal to some of my readers... you know who you are, you hussies!)


  1. I tried that search, I just get a whole lotta wood!!!

  2. That's a very bollock-centric pic.

    Nice eyes but not my type...alas.

  3. LOL @ Rob! :-D

    Beltbuckle! Beltbuckle! Tsk, tsk Jayne...

  4. I thought that was an ashtray, moody sweaty frenchman with ashtray pic.

  5. Mmmm, man candy. I was wondering what the connection was.
    One day without power is a nice reprieve. Of course advance notice would have made it nicer. More than a day becomes extremely inconvenient. We modern people are very dependent on our power sources.
    Glad you're back online!

  6. Oh Mog... pmsl... :-D

    And Sarah, I did have advanced notice; a whole week's worth. I could never be a scout!