Wednesday, March 4, 2009

my tv... the sci-fi channel

Yesterday I went for a walk along Dallas Road and the breakwater at Ogden Point. It's one of my favourite places to walk and I walk there almost daily. I brought my camera hoping to catch some groovy sunset shots as the clouds were looking favourable.

There I stood at the end of the breakwater with a few other sunset watchers... waiting and waiting... but the sunset just stayed, seemingly forever, like this:

It got cold quickly and I decided to get moving. As I was walking back home I turned around expecting nothing and saw this following show:

Sort of a freaky sunset! I slept with my special hat on last night. ;-)


  1. aliens have landed for sure!!!!! i'm sort of guessing from the pict but wouldn't they have landed in colwood? or worse, langford? in that case...... suspect it will be the aliens who are wearing the special



  2. PMSL... :D :D :D

    I was just 'out there' today... without my special hat. If I buy a Dodge Ram, assume I'm infected and feed me to the orcas!

  3. Oh too funny.
    Um...and the photos are beautiful, really.

  4. Wow! That is an amazing sunset. I have never seen one like that on Dallas Road. Love your blog! Now I am inspired to write down 101 dreams/aspirations

  5. Very unusual, almost like a solar pillar time three. - Margy