Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mog's Meme...

My friend Mog is starting a meme (don't feel bad, I had to look that up too). Here's her post about that and here are her instructions:

"All you have to do is go for a 30 minute circular walk from your home and take a photograph every 5 minutes, post them and tell us about them. So five photos in all. Show me where you live because I'd really like to see."

Here's mine. Well, sort of. I didn't go entirely circular... so, here's mine, part one:

This is a typical street in my neighbourhood. The blue-ish grey blobs at the end of the street are the Olympic Mountains. Actually, they aren't at the end of the street but in Washington State, across Strait of Juan de Fuca from Victoria. When the skies are clear they look amazing (this pic doesn't show them at their best).

I live near Government House the Ceremonial Home of all British Columbians and the office the Lieutenant Governor of BC, Steve Point, the Queen's rep in BC. It's where a lot of governmental bigwigs, ambassadors, etc meet and stay when visiting Victoria, even the Queen and her brood themselves. Many people think it's quite off-limits but actually it isn't at all. The grounds are open to the public and they're gorgeous. I consider it my backyard and go there a lot. This is the duck pond. My ceremonial duck pond.

More of the grounds. Here's a Google map of the area. It's a wonderful place as there are many different types of gardens; from very formal rose gardens, to conservation areas to just wild areas. This is why I don't mind living in a condo. All this garden space without having to actually look after it!

Leaving Government House and heading back down the hill towards downtown and my place. Trees can be very tall here.

This is a normal sight in Victoria. Skateboards are a legitimate form of transportation and fun. This man regularly swooshes down this street (it has a nice gentle slope, curves and only one intersection). I'm a poor judge of age but I would say he's about 45-50 years old and wow does he glide! He makes it look entirely effortless.

I will do a circle in the other direction soon!


  1. Thanks Toasty, that was a great walk. The gardens look fab, what a weird shape tree its almost mystical.

    Apart from the tree and the mountains the streets look almost English, narrow with walls and hedges.

    You take a great picture, girl.

  2. Thanks Mog! Yeah, that tree is weird... in a few weeks it will be all wispy with lime green baby leaves and in autumn it turns a nice firey orange. I have admired it for about 20 years and I have no clue what species it is. And I have a tree book! Shameful.

    I went out for another Mogging but forgot to put a memory card in my camera, FFS! More shame!

  3. haha!

    Ah well... at least I have a route planned now!

  4. How lovely! That tree is so intriguing. I would love to live nearby such wonderful gardens. Thanks for sharing your walk, part one.

  5. Very cool. The area you live/walk in is very pretty and scenic.

    I'd be on my ass for sure, if I rode a skateboard now-a-days! lol

  6. What a nice spot you have there. I've not spent much time in the South, always visiting up Island. Must plan to see more of Victoria next time. I'm looking forward to part 2, take 2!

  7. I'm a bit late to this party, but I love this idea and will try my own walk with camera today!

    Lovely photos - I'm continually heartened by just how lush and pretty your part of the world really is.

    ann m