Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sweaty Sunday: On a Tuesday

I keep forgetting to do my Sweaty Sunday posts on Sunday. So, Tuesday it is!

Warm up walkies - Ross Bay Cemetery, beautiful.

My knees have healed up nicely and while they did I focused on strengthening my quadraceps, walking, stretching and rest. It was frustrating but a good lesson in patience.

About two weeks ago, I started to run/walk again... very gently. I bought a stop watch and made sure I only ran for one minute (yeah, one single whole minute) at a time. A total of four minutes of running... but I just wanted to go very easy. All was well, no pain before, during or after. Great!

Stretching on the sea wall.

Between then and now, I've gradually upped the duration and frequency of the running segments of the 'runs' to this:

Warm-up walking/stretch.

Click 'go' on my stop watch.

walk 5 mins - brisk walking from here on in
run - 1 min
walk - 3
run - 2
walk - 3
run - 3
walk - 2
run - 3
walk - 2
run - 3

... and then cool down with 5 mins of slower walking.

I run from here to the top left bit of the bay...

and back and then through a bit of a neighbourhood.

This past Saturday's run, however was not very good. Actually I barely ran at all. Ok, I mostly walked. Ok, I strolled about 100 feet and turned around. I had zero umph. Then Sunday I felt all achey and spaced out. Then Monday, yesterday, ugh... upchuckitis. I must have caught what half the people in my art class had. I suffer for my art. (ha.ha.)

I feel better today but no energy to run, maybe tomorrow.

The photos are where I run... counter to Neil's advice to find some grass or chip trail. I don't listen very well but look at the view!

Can you blame me?!


  1. Great work on the running front, Ms TB. Keep buildin it up nice and easy.

    It's only 12 weeks til i'm supposed to run my 8 mile section of the Embra Snickers and i aint been out for a run in the last 3 weeks. Today that has to change.

    In 10 mins i'm gonna get the old trainers on and hit the streets. It has to happen. It may almost kill me. It will definitely hurt me. I'll keep you posted.

    Such a beautiful part of the world you live in by the way.

  2. Yes, wonderful views and what a place to go for a stroll, or even a run, if you must.

    Feel better.

  3. Oh, sorry to hear you're ill. I'm still pooter-less and very twitchy as a result.

    Do what Neil says, however nice that view is... much easier on the knees, much, much easier. I really noticed the change when we had to switch to road running over the winter.

    Wedll done!

  4. Sorry to hear you're not feeling good. Hope yoou pick up soon. I think if I took your route I would be too intent on looking at the view to do any running.

  5. Thanks, y'all!

    I'm feeling much better today and even went for an easy 'run.'

    Good going, Naldo... 12 weeks! That should be do-able shouldn't it? For you, I mean!

    Concrete, knees, pain... I know, I know... I'm really pig-headed aren't I? :-) How can you post if you're computerless? Or do you have an old spare frustratingly slow backup beast?

  6. Hello,

    I'm borrowing Gra's very smelly, very old and very noisy work desktop. No poker or IM.

    Hooray tho, a fancy new "backup" laptop is going to come this pm!!


  7. Urrgh - nowt worse that a dose of upchuckitis. Get well soon marnie. In the meantime, stunning pictures and coastline, and I think running past all that glory is in poor form really. You should amble at a snail's pace and absorb the beauty!

  8. Oh Ann... me running IS me ambling at a snail's pace, lol! ;-)