Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sexy ducks and lotsa ducks.

Seen during recent run/walks...

A pair of wood ducks. Gorgeous, eh?

And, how to pull birds:


  1. I feel I must take issue with the above comment..... when Ms Toastburner says the ducks are sexy, I'm quite certain that does not mean she wants to have sex WITH them.....Whilst this may be acceptable in your culture, I believe that in Canada, it's still against the law.
    I'll leave you to clarify your position on this one Marnie.....

  2. My position? When I'm having sex with a duck?


  3. Ducks are randy things with a corkscrew penis, one of the less obvious facts I know is that you should never let your randy drake service your hen....

    D'ya reckon our chinese friend above is selling Gucci by any chance?

  4. Corkscrew penis! FFS! That's taking 'ribbed for her pleasure' to a whole new level, lol.

  5. Jayne's info may however go some way towards explaining the term 'popping one's cork'?

  6. All this talk about sexy ducks with corkscrew penises is just quackers.

  7. Beautiful colours on the duck fella above.

    ... where the term "screw you" comes form ?