Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Local news...

Muffet and Louisa must have been having a sale!


  1. Wahey, you're back!

    Seems like boys will be boys all across the globe, spech when they get a uniform and some toys to play with.

    How's trix, Ms TB?

  2. I love the big guy in the background tied to the pole trying to pretend he's not really there or witnessing anything he shouldn't......

  3. Great post, very funny. Thanks for sharing.

  4. cash register blingblinging, hah hah on da way bank? that's cleva, hope it pays out.

    police seems 2 b da same all around. hopefully these kind of materials lessens that shit. have been on recievin end 2, as an innocent person. makes u really believe in da system. police is a human bein, yea right!

    missed u, glad you're on board again. :)

  5. Hey Naldo - I'm cool.

    ... although yesterday, I was driving with a cop car behind me and he lit up his lights. I thought of this clip and just about shit myself! lol... he u-turned and took off.

    Generally the local cops are pretty good but there are a few bad apples.

    lol, Neil! I didn't even notice him... omg, that's hilarious! :D

    Hi Jelly. :-)

    Thanks for the comment 'Car Audio Speakers' ... although I know it just your slimey attempt at spam.

    Hiya prkl!