Saturday, February 27, 2010

A tsunami warning, some explosions and a fire.

A busy day in my neighbourhood.

There's a tsunami advisory issued for the coastal area because of the earthquake earlier today in Chile. Not a huge deal for us locally as it's just an advisory, those happen often enough and as Steve Bachop of the PEP - Provincial Emergency Program - stated, "people should definitely not be freaking out!" ... lol, you tell 'em, dude!


At about 2pm, after a morning of sweaty chores and a 'run,' I'm about to jump into the shower and I hear a big bang. A really big bang... but with my wonky hearing and the noise from the shower, I just shrug and 'whadever.'

Then, BANG! Hmmm....

Again, BANG!!! BANG!!!

Ok... this is not normal.

And then I hear sirens.

I grab a towel and go look out a window and OMFG! A huge wall of flames across the street! Lots of fire engines and cop cars show up very quickly and get on with doing what they do... in the mean time more explosions, more flames and very thick black smoke.

I took these shots... they're not very good... a darkish day, through a window, through pine trees... trying not to use the flash cos of the reflection.

It was not a massive of fire but when you're in a structure containing all your worldly possessions and that structure is made of wood, and it's surrounded by trees and you're butt fuckin' naked and you're hard of hearing yet can still hear the crackling flames... it's a big enough fire.

Scary how fast the flames spread yet amazing how fast the fire dudes got here and put it out.

From what I can gather the area that burned is a parking area for a condo building - a big long carport of covered parking. I'm guessing the explosions were various cars or car parts exploding. It's all roped off so I'll have to wait for the gossip or news to get the scoop.

I'm pretty sure no one got hurt, so that's good.

And, on the plus side, sitting here at my laptop for the last while I've noticed how peaceful it is with the road closed off...


  1. tsunami on da way. better pick up surfin' or mountain climbing pronto, ha?

    u runnin' around, nude n' all wet, wit da cam. nude paparazzing, ay? LOL!

  2. Just think, if the tsunami had arrived just then, it would have saved the fire crew a job.

  3. thank goodness all is okay...why were you butt naked? :-)