Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I learned a new word! I think it's Spanish (do you know, Jayne?) or maybe Portuguese?

Either way, Caídas! It means fall, as in tumble, in English and when you plunk it into the Google video search thingy, you find gems like this:

Am I a sadist for loving this sort of thing?


  1. Well, plugging it into Bing translator, it's probably Spanish. In Portuguese, it comes out as endless...

    Er, you missing ITV then?

  2. Teeheehee...i was about to say your a sadist then watched them and found masel gigglin away like a fool.

    Slapstick rules.

  3. Nothong funnier than some other guy getting it in the nuts......

  4. Excellent! All the kids in that first one look pissed!

  5. I just happend upon your site and loved the picture of the wood ducks! Living in the part of Canada that I do, I'd be happy if I could learn a few French words. My brain isn't wired for languages.