Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sweaty Sunday: Knee Needs

It's Sunday!

This week has been a bit frustrating.

Monday's 'run' was good!

Wednesday's was sore. A few strides into the running bit of my run and both knees starting feeling odd. Not really painful but a sensation that felt like a warning. I listened to it and stopped running. After a few more minutes of walking, I tried running again. Knees said, 'no.' So, I walked the rest of the way, went home and pouted. (violins)

Friday, I tried again. Still, my knees did not feel right.

On my way home, I detoured into a running shop 'just to look' and had a nice surprise. The woman working there was a runner and also a physiotherapist. We chatted informally about my knees and she gave me a bit of advice which was essentially: let my knees catch up with my enthusiasm and some other tidbits.

It's very difficult to finally feel like wanting to get fit again and finding the holy grail of sports bras and finding great shoes and having excellent support and feeling very excited about trying something new... even the weather's been great! ... and having to take it slow. ARGH!!!! ;-)

But, it's just what I need to do. Simple as that.

I'm still sweating though; walking and doing some strength building and 'prehab knees' exercises but... so frustrating! lol. And I should be back to running very soon!


  1. It's amazing the effect of a more impacting on the knees exercise when your not used to it. It can take bodies ages to adjust according to the things I've been reading. I think my back gave out because of it but now it's been jiggled by the lovely Adam, it's ok and I feel better for it.

    Did the staff check how you ran in your new shoes before you bought them? I had an hour of running up and down a shop, half-killed me. I had to have particular shoes cos I'm weird on one leg.

    Don't give up, just walk more and jog less until you are caught up with yourself.

  2. Sorry, missed the bit about great shoes in your post, bit early in the am for me. Very excited so woke up at 5am...

  3. Pouting to violins eh?......awwwww.
    Never mind, console yourself with the fact that you're much prettier than Peter Griffin.....

  4. Take care of your knees - you'll miss them when they're gone!

  5. My chaffing thighs send sympathetiv vibes to your knees! LOL

  6. You don't want to injure yourself right at the start and then be out for weeks trying to recover. Hope the bra of excellence is still
    "holding up."

  7. Don't worry, walking can be just as good for you as running and when your knees catch up you'll be off like a greyhound.