Sunday, February 14, 2010

Naked Ladies

Yesterday I went to a local art gallery (The Avenue Gallery) to see 'Leonard Cohen: Art Work' - a "collection of his Jean Cocteau-like sketches, features multiple self-portraits, as well as images of Leonard Cohen's homes in Montreal and on the Greek island of Hydra..."
Her Hand in the Sand

While I was meandering print by print, I crossed paths with a man and a little boy. We all stopped in front of the same print above and the boy said, 'he sure liked drawing naked ladies' as nonchalantly as if he could have meant drawing apples. Priceless.

I enjoyed the exhibit very much and was drawn to this piece in particular.
Deeply Familiar

But the $2,600 price tag is beyond what I'm willing to pay, especially for a print. Still, I do like it!

You can see all the entire collection here, though they look a bit different all framed up hanging on the gallery wall.


  1. He's a talented boy that Lenny Cohen

  2. Just think....years down the line, that dude will look back on the moment he was inspired to draw naked ladies by L.C........ and got a good thrashing from his Mom for being a little perv.

  3. Has this stirred something Deeply Familiar Neil? ;-)

  4. Yo, Marnie,

    Lenny's a bit o a leg end round these parts - saw him at Embra Castle (groovy venue) one pish soaked summer evenin and a bunch o mates actually stood outside the Castle in the rain til the last note o the last encore.

    Devoted but skint fans.

  5. Hey Naldo! Nice to see you... where have you been? I miss your blog posts... get your arse in gear and write something. Please! :-)