Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sweaty Sunday: Some Inspiration

I used to be fit; good cardio going on and I was very, very strong. Though I'm getting my cardio back and gradually shedding lard, I miss my strength.

I loved feeling strong and I loved lifting weights. Not dainty pink dumbbells but rusty plates of iron on a barbell (grrrowl!). I sweated and groaned and at my then best could deadlift just over 200lbs/15 stone. I felt like She-Ra Princess of Power!

I loved the mental and physical challenge of the actual lifting, the release of stress and tension, the completely shattered feeling that followed, the solid sleep and the slight yummy ache the day after.

For many months, I've wanted to return to this exercise that I truly love but lots of excuses have gotten in the way. The result is feeling more like this version of She-Ra:

Image swiped from here.

A few days ago my friend Jayne emailed me wonder video (thanks, Jayne!):

A much needed perspective adjuster for sure and just a beautiful wee film in its own right.

I have just finished my first 'back at it' weightlifting workout. So that along with my 'running' I hope to regain my fit self. :-)

What motivates you? What gives you a different perspective?


  1. Np, aw, I'm all happy now!



  2. Thanks Marnie for sharing this wonderful video and good luck on you challenge. I love free weights and miss not having a facility here on island to teach and train.

  3. There's a business opportunity then..