Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Baby Bothering... and help!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, a friend of mine recently dropped a sprog.

I want to get her a pressie but I am so out of my element. I have no idea.

I went to a shop around the corner and I'm still suffering the trauma of seeing a display of what I thought was a portable baby bottle warmer...

Portable baby bottle warmer, my arse!

For active mothers on the go...

Freestyle™ Breastpump

Introducing our newest breakthrough — Freestyle is our first hands-free, double-electric breast pump. It’s the performance you expect from Medela in an innovative pump that fits in the palm of your hand and includes thoughtful features that provide true mobility, freedom and flexibility. Inspired by pumping moms… freedom is born.
- Customized pumping with adjustable speed and vacuum control.
- Stylish bag contains everything you need to pump.
- Battery Pak for pumping anywhere, anytime.
- LCD screen, digital display — lit screen provides a digital display that can also be used as a nightlight for those late pumping sessions

WTF? It's a breastpump, not a Blackberry, ffs!

Anyways... I feel more at ease in the electrical section at my local hardware store and this is my first friend to have a pup. I have NO idea. I'm lost. Please help... ideas?


  1. Sorry girl,
    I'm usually at a loss for these kinds of gifts too. The last 'baby thing' I had to endure I gave a set of frames . I think I bought the frames at Paboom (on View).
    Along the vein of crazy baby swag, some of my girlfriends paid more for their baby strollers than I did for my first car.

  2. I have no idea either. Am proud to say I have never changed a nappy in my life.

    Picture frames sound good though

  3. >>>>>>> Freestyle is our first hands-free, double-electric breast pump. It’s the performance you expect from Medela in an innovative pump that fits in the palm of your hand and includes thoughtful features that provide true mobility, freedom and flexibility. <<<<<<<

    Holy Jesus!

    Anyway, to answer your question, here are a few suggestions:

    (1) A set of wooden blocks or some similar toy from which the child will be able to create endless combinations. My philosophy is to give a toy that fosters imagination and elicits action rather than a toy that's designed for passive enjoyment.

    (2) A pressie that makes Mom feel cherished and spoiled.

    (3) A gift that will make Mom's life easier or give her a tiny bit of free time, e.g., a couple of hours' worth of maid service or something like that.

    (4) A combination of (1) and (3). For example, you could give the baby a set of wooden blocks and Mom a bottle of bubble bath.

    Hope that helps.

  4. How 'bout a years supply of Vodka, for the mother obviously and for medicinal purposes only - she'll need all the help she can get and I find a few doses of Vodies helps me sleep.

  5. I would second the idea of 'babysitting vouchers' and something nice for the parents - chocolate, wine, cake (ha, think that list of suggestions says more about me...). Or baby clothes for older babies - they'll prob have loads of newborn stuff.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions, everybody... wooden blocks (that's so true Judy, I loved my own!), pictures frames and box of choccies...

    Kathreen - you have an insane friend! What is it with these strollers? Especially those sidewalk hoggin' double wide jobbies? They're like friggin' tanks... they tick me off!

    Mog, I am impressed! I changed a few when I babysat my nephews - that was the best form of birth control ever! UGH!

  7. I'm with Rob's suggestion of the Voddie..... I notice there has been no mention of the stressed out Dad too...... The Voddie treatment could be used by Mom and Dad on alternate nights..... responsible parenting!

  8. Give 'em hell, Neil. ;-)

    ... is it wrong that I'm thinking that that Freestyle™ thingy might make a great picnicing gadget? A Battery Pak, stylish carrying case, and the providence of mobility, freedom and flexibility...

    I'm thinking... attach those pumps to a couple of oranges and pack some vodka and sammiches in that pack and wow... munchies with fresh OJ and vodkas 'anywhere, anytime...'

    You can see my maternal instinct shining through here can't you?

  9. A baby blanket always makes a nice gift.
    Your post brought back nightmares of my nursing/working mom days. Count your blessings, Toastie!

  10. Actually, a really useful baby gift is a padded cloth sling to hold the baby in, with the weight over the shoulder and only one hand needed. When the baby gets fussy, Mom can carry it without using both arms and still do a few things like stir a pot on the stove. The baby can nap or even nurse in it, feeling safe and comfy. They ain't cheap but they are fabulous.

  11. Marnie, I am about to be a Grandma soon. Books are always a good gift. Think beyond the first six months and into the future. I have a treasure trunk full of books, stuffed animals, games, onesies and westcoast rainboots and raincoat with frogs in green in size three!!!!! I have been collecting since before Gen got married. She'd have my head if she knew!!! I never nagged though.
    P.S. The snugglie/padded sling is a great idea.
    Blessings and smiles and have fun ;)

  12. Give them both Valium.....they will need it !