Sunday, October 18, 2009

A More Uplifting Post.

Sort of.

A comfortable, properly fitting bra that does its job is the Holy Grail for many women, especially for women with large breasts, ample bosoms, copious cleavages, however you want to put it.

Most shops simply don't stock larger sizes and if they do the selection is dire; matronly and available in lovely colours like industrial strength beige. Ugh!

In a local shop, I once tried on a bra and though it fit, when I looked sideways into the mirror, it looked like I was attempting to smuggle out a pair of traffic cones. I would have punctured lungs with a simple hug.

Fortunately, there are a few companies that specialize in good bras in larger sizes, even nice looking bras and for the last few years I've been going to Bravissimo's website where I click a few clicks, press 'ok' and voila! A couple of weeks later, a package would arrive and all would be well in my bosomy world.

This morning this all came crashing down.

'#39520 has been discontinued.'

WHAT!? Nooooo!!!

So, I've just spent the morning on t'internet trying to hunt this bra down. I can not find it anywhere...

This is an impending natural disaster of epic proportions. I can almost hear the strain of spandex and polyurethane polyamide as I type. It's only a matter of time before a clasp gives way and all pandemonium breaks loose.

This calls for serious, emergency bra shopping. Ugh. Is there any woman on the planet who enjoys this form of torture? And how do you do it when the bra shop you like is on one continent and your breasts are on another?

People who decide to discontinue comfortable, well-fitting, high performance bras without sufficient warning should be forever cursed with an itch on their back that they just... can't... quite... reach.

I'm so frustrated and not looking forward to finding a new boulder holder. I'm fantasizing about bypassing the whole bra making industry and have my bras custom made.

I can just see it now...


  1. While I don't have this problem, being a mere 34B I can understand how you feel. I hope you manage to find a suitable replacement before everything heads south so to speak

  2. Decade -or so- ago, I was at this stripbar with my mate. Stripper satted on my lap and wanted me to open her bra up. I was drunk as a mf and couldn't perform on that simple task. Whole bar was laugfing at me. Bra-hah-haa!!!

  3. Ohhh..I know just how you feel..I am sitting here in a bra that is apparently trying to amputate my body parts. :-( I hate bra shopping!

  4. 38F sister! Yet I can offer no assistance, because bra shopping is one of the most terrifying frustrating things in the world. I bought a sports bra recently and almost dislocated my shoulder trying to get the damn thing off again. I wish you luck - you're going to need it.

  5. I too can offer no practical advice on account of me being a man, with only small moobs, but I have heard enough frustrated wailings from girl friends to offer you strength in your quest.

  6. I'd just like to offer my support in any way I can.........;-)

  7. Me and my breasts are being supportive (supported?) and empathizing all the way from Alberta. I feel your pain.

  8. Thanks for the comments and support people! I just knew I wasn't the only woman who felt this way.

    lol prkl - (if you still need help that is!)

    Neil, the Jon-E Hand Warmers are in the post. ;-)

  9. I love Bravissima and never realised that they delivered to Canada. I am happy now.

  10. A thoughtful gesture, given that you know how cold my hands get....... not without a degree of self interest I suspect!

  11. those must fit some big old boobies.

  12. Check out Mill Bay's store called Bare Essentials and try the Chantelle line.

  13. Just chanced on your blog and found myself laughing out loud. Good way to start the day!

  14. Mog... have Bravissimo deliver the goods to someone in Britain and then have them send them to you 'as a gift' (throw in a b-day card) that way you won't be dinged for duty charges.... at least that's what I've heard off the streets, ahem.

    I was only thinking of your cold hands, Neil. What were you thinking about? ;-)

    Mill Bay has a bra shop? Ha! Thanks, Kathreen. :-)

    Thanks for that, 4badbill! :-)

  15. Now I´m wondering if there actually is bra-tailors who do custom jobs? There must be somebody!