Sunday, May 1, 2011



There's a woman on the west coast
A prolific burner of toast
She's not feeling good
Not good as she should
Just 'ok, fine' at the most

Her gusto for life has faded
Her energy stores; down-graded
It could be the meds
She takes for her head
That's making her seem so jaded

So many goals are in her head
Stuff to do before she is dead
But motivation's flat
WTF is it at?
And she does a duvet dive instead

I don't think her prob is mental
I think it's what's on her table
Too many carbos
'n blood sugar yo-yos
She needs to get herself stable

Deep history gave us our genes
We're not as evolved as it seems
Our bodies like meat
More than grains and wheat
And loves lots of nuts, fruits and greens

So for the next thirty one days
She will alter her eating ways
Gonna give it a whirl
Grrr! Eat like cave girl!
And hope to find the oomph that she craves!


  1. Your Paleopoem proves you are still in there somewhere, despite your crappy days! And it's a great poem.

    Dumping out the carbs is such a hard thing to do. I successfully did this for a few months but the cookies and bread have crept back in. They are cruel!

    You are allowed one more duvet dive and then I shall cross everything for you and send sugar-less vibes your way for a successful month of meat and veggies!

    You go, cave girl! Hugs X

  2. Perfect. Break out the fancy salad dressing recipes! Rock those veggies.

  3. Or visit the deli...

    I feel a lot better when I eat less carbs. Love the poem.

    Chin up, tuck in.

  4. Thanks chickies!

    A few years ago I ditched the carbs for about a year. I felt great and had so much energy I didn't know what to do with myself. I am hoping to feel that again.

    And I'm hoping this 'laziness' isn't a side effect of my meds. I'm pretty sure it's food related. It better not be the meds... as emotionally I feel pretty good and would not be willing to fuck with them. I'll cross that bridge later... but hopefully I don't even have to.

    It should be an easy experiment: I don't like sweet food so not eating sugar is easy peasy for me and I already love my veggies.

    However, I'm a bit limited in my meat cooking skills and not a huge fan of fish. I'm a wussy finicky cave woman!

  5. Love the poem, and totally get what you are saying. Does gin count as a carb?

  6. I love your poem and I know your pain. Look after yourself.
    Blessing and smiles