Friday, May 6, 2011

Lovely Fresh Sea Air and ARGH!!!!

Tuesday morning I went for a walk by the ocean and the breeze was amazing! The air is always cool and fresh but it was super-duper, uber-duber fresh that morning. Other walkers, joggers and bench warmers all commented, 'it's exceptionally fresh today, eh!'

It was wonderful!

Then I looked down. See in the bottom right of the above photo?

Here is it, up close, foot included:


ARGH!!!! Don't remind me! Yes, I fucking voted and yes I'm fucking pissed off at the results!!! lol.

I dislike Steven Harper very much. I dislike that his 'Harper Government' now has a majority in Parliament.

But there was some good news. My MP, Denise Savoie (whom I voted for) was re-elected with even a larger share of the local vote; Elizabeth May, leader of Canada's Green Party was elected - the first Green MP!; and there's been a surge of support for Canada's leftist NDP Party, a phenomena nicknamed Orange Crush.

Here's a recap from Democracy Now! which I think is very good:

Anyways... who cares, really? Look, a pretty sailboat:

Aahhhhh.... that's better....


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  1. With a view like that of the sail boat against the mountains the bad news does seem less so!