Monday, May 16, 2011

Owl and the Pussycat

I normally put the 'cute animal' video clips that I come across on the right hand column of my blog but this, in my opinion, is exceptional. A lovely black cat and a lovely barn owl as friends. Oooh, it's just so beautiful.



  1. Freaky deaky.

    Tempted to anthropomorphise and say, wouldn't it be cool if people could get on with their "natural enemies" like this owl and pussycat.

    But i don't do anthropomorphisation.

  2. Really cool footage - though I hope that moggie is retracting those clasws as he leaps up to "play"!

  3. Naldo! Dude, where have you been, what are you up to? Nice to see you again. :-)

    I was wondering that too Ann... but after several viewings, I wonder that of the owl too! I think they both had very strong personally boundaries, yet were friends. Very much like my late cat and I... see liked to be near me and like getting her nose rubbed... but only on her terms... and she made that known... painfully (for me) at times. :-)

  4. Awrighty, Ms TB. Been workin ma erse off. Don't have time for much else but gonna try and write summat on ma blog right soon.

    Nice to see you too.