Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I wish I still had my cat.

She would have loved this!

Ok... I would have loved this. ;-)


  1. Hi Marnie,
    The BCSPCA is always looking for new cat parents!!
    I am housesitting for six weeks in Metchosin and when I was driving back from Victoria I witnessed that amazing sky over Victoria...it like a big hand coming down at one point. I think I took about 50 pics. I agree I am also enjoying it even if I can't leave from where I am staying at the moment.
    Hope all is well.
    Smiles and enjoy your "snow day".

  2. I am tempted to get another cat or two or three! But as much as I miss Buzz and her antics, I don't miss her fur up my nose.

    I thought that your pic was from out that way. I recognise the view, I use to live right near Esquimalt Lagoon. It really is a stunning photo!

    I'm loving the snow and the peace that comes with it. I bet Metchosin looks and sounds beautiful. I hope you're enjoying the snow too!

  3. Oh, that is mean! . . . but funny:-)