Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Valentine's Day Confessional

Move over Robbie Coltrane, Jeff Bridges, Mike Holmes, Daniel Radcliffe (yes, I know, I'm now a pathetic cougar), Stephen Fry, Eddie Izzard, Rick Mercer, etc... I'm adding a new 'I Would' to my list:

Why? You might ask.

I have been reading 'The God Delusion' and I've become quite smitten by Richard Dawkins' writing; so articulate, well reasoned and humorous. Plus, his book has put into words, thoughts that I've had my whole life though he's expressed them much more clearly and with much more substance. It's like looking into a mirror and seeing yourself, magnified and more beautiful than you once believed. His passion for life, or rather, his very existence as a biological life form in the natural world, is very contagious to me.

Though I'm devouring the book, atheism is not new to me. I've never believed in God/gods. I was never convinced of their existence and I've never had the need or desire to believe in supernatural entities.

I've never really advertised my non-belief and have just considered religion irrelevant. BUT! I think my perspective on that is changing. I just might be turning into a Raging Atheist! ;-)

And here's part of the reason why:

Isn't he just dreamy? ;-)


  1. Who is Richard Dawkins? What is Richard Dawkins? What are you exactly referring to when you refer to Richard Dawkins? Is there a Richard Dawkins at all, or is that also an illusion? Is he not the sum of his parts? Can there be a sum of his parts, and what it the 'I' or 'he' exactly when you talk about an illusionary him? We all must be stated to be exactly what we are. There is no 'I'. There is only the illusion that an identity exists when there is none. We all must be stripped down to our lowest common denominator whatever the hell they are molecules, cells, whatever. Who really cares anyway; and seen as being nothing more than that. There is no intelligence. Only the illusion of intelligence. because there is no 'I', there can be no 'I' to possess intelligence, so therefore the 'existance' of intelligence is an illusion. We cannot state that God is an illusion but we are not. For there is no 'we', unless 'you' have proof to the contrary. Do 'you'? See how easily we are fooled? In a few short years Richard will be as he always has been - nothing. He is getting well up there and not getting any younger. Time is his enemy. Although, there really is no he so fear of dying does not exist also. If 'I' does, 'I' have yet to see proof.

    Time to face up to hard facts. We are not we. I am not I and you are not you. We are fooled into believing we are greater than the sum of our parts which of course we cannot be, for it is only an illusion. Have you learned nothing from death?

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah... but you've missed my point entirely: Richard Dawkins is shag-worthy. ;-)

  3. Richard Dawkins is an Atheist which means he suffers from erectile dysfunction. When he does get a boner he has premature ejaculation.

    There's nothing sexier than a guy who believes he has no soul. What a stud. Put on those tunes and get in the groove Richy baby.

    Don't you know he's married for the 3rd time? What a keeper. I think you'd better talk to some of his ex-wifes before you carry this illusion a bit too far.I think they are ex's for a good reason, and that reason is probably between the sheets.

  4. Crikey, you've obviously thought about RD in a sexualised way much more than I ever have!

    Have you seen Harry Potter's penis? Now there's another Atheist with willy to ponder.

  5. Richard is 70 for Christ's sake. Can you imagine him naked? Mmm, I want you in me Richie baby. Ist, I'm going to go down on you cause I just cannot resist having your love pecker in my mouth. I'm outta here...

  6. You really have thought this through, haven't you?

    Yes, he's 70.

    He's 70 and he's shaggable. I'm no ageist.

    I hope that I'm still shagging at that age.

  7. I agree - Dawkins is yummy! Both inside and outside.

    To the sexually-frustrated anonymous above: I wouldn't mind finding a naked Richard in my bed. I'd make him whisper about the complexities of evolution in my ear... *swoon*

  8. Heehee!

    Kayko, I hear you loud and clear! ;-)