Sunday, March 6, 2011

A humdinger of a day!

Today while out on a leisurely stroll, I heard that sound. That low and lovely vibration of a hummingbird. I see and hear them a lot but it's often fleeting, more like, 'ooo, there goes a hummingbird!'

However, today I got a very nice treat! This hummingbird buzzed overhead and landed in the brambles right beside me. I stopped and watched... lovely. A 'Anna's Hummingbird' and a very tame one! And! I had my camera! I sloooowly get my camera out of my pocket thinking the birdie will shoot off at any moment. But nope, the birdie was still there, so I took a piccie.

Then, I hedged my bets and flicked the switch to 'video'... and OMG! The birdie is still there! So I filmed this:

I get sore arms holding my camera at a weird angle and so stop the David Attenborough impression. I say thanks to the birdie and walk on. As I do, I tell a couple walking towards, that there's a hummingbird there. They stop and watch it... cos it's still there!

Then I wait some more and see that they've told another couple... it's still there!

Aww. It's lovely to see the pleasure of a wee, teeny, widdle bird can bring.

I wish the pics and video could have captured the hummingbird better. Especially the red iridescent throat and forehead. Alas, it's an old cheap point and shoot that I had... it has it's limits, as do I! But here's a wonderful video another local got out his kitchen window of the same species building a nest over ten days last spring. It's gorgeous.

When I lived in Britain, I was so surprised to learn that there were no hummingbirds there. I shall pack and release some when I next visit. ;-)


  1. I love these little beauties - and what a treat for you. Reckon he was just showing off really!

  2. What a great capture Marnie. I am always amazed when I see them still for so long because I usually only see them in hyper mode.
    Held one once after it hit my window and stunned itself...was told if it was held in a warm hand it would die because it would chill down too much. That was a treat, it lived and flew away!
    The nesting video is amazing....she is such a perfectionist!

  3. Lovely, I was surprised to see them here thinking they lived in tropical climes.

    And of course they must make a noise, something to listen out for this summer