Thursday, January 27, 2011

Upstaged ;-)

Well it's day 11 of being out of my home. It's not been fun.

Staying in a hotel with belongings you've brought with you, in an unexplored city, on a holiday is one thing... ending up in a hotel because 'officials' say you can't go home, checking in wearing your PJs and staying in hotel in a city that you've lived most of your life in, it is quite another experience. That sentence doesn't make complete sense but it's my blog and I know what I mean. So, fuck it.


Yesterday, I kept humming 'Homeless' by Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazo to myself. Not that I consider myself homeless but I certainly feel aspects of homelessness; stress, sadness, disorientation, insomnia, never 'at home, safe and sound' feeling and etc...

Last night when I was searched for the song on YouTube, I found this wonderful video of Paul Simon being upstaged by a wee girl on Sesame Street. I just love it.

And the song I was searching for:

Hopefully my next post will be from home.


  1. Yes, I too hope your next post will be from your own home. It's one thing to be away when on holiday, but another when your home is there, you're just not allowed in, kind of like a divorce with a restraining order, but not...well it's my comment and I know what I mean, so fuck it!

  2. Gosh, has it been 11 days already. I would hate it for sure. Will your insurance pay for everything? I hope you are allowed back in soon, or at least get some better idea of when and how and so on so you can plan