Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Iconic Winter Canadiana

My uncle (my Dad's brother) died a few weeks ago and my Mom was given some old photos, photocopies of old photos, newspaper clippings, etc by my uncle's wife. I was at my Mom's the other day and she was showing me a few old photos I had never seen before.

This one just leaped right up at me, 'Wow! I love this! What a great photo!"

Click to enlarge.

And it is, dontcha think? I just love it; happy looking kids, the old hockey equipment, the old woolen sweaters all jumbled together on a frozen pond. Too bad the photo was not in better shape... I'm not sure what that spotted blob is in the sky!

My Dad's the dark fella in the middle of the top row, pulling a funny face. He was about 15 there, so I guess the photo was taken in 1943ish. Cool, eh?


  1. Very cool. Love old pics of what life was like.

  2. That is just a wonderful photo - a real snapshot of a real-life fabulous day, you can just tell.