Thursday, October 7, 2010


A while back, while walking along the water, I saw the otter that I usually see. Then I saw him again and again and again - popping up here and then there and then back over there. WTF?! It wasn't the otter... it was him, his beloved and their sprogs! I was seeing a family of otters; six of the wee weasels!

There's been an otter living here for a few years but this is the first year I've seen a whole family. Sweet, eh?

Sorry about the crap photos. Not the right camera for the job. Here's a crap video of them (same crap camera!). The otters are on the big rocks:


  1. Fantastic!.....I'm sooooo jealous.

  2. I saw baby otters on a jetty in Salmon Arm once, sweet!

    The other place I've seen an otter (and Neil may struggle to believe me) is Livingston, amongst the shopping trolleys in the river there...

  3. Oh brill. I love otters. I've only ever seen one as he landed on the beach on the South Africa Wild Coast, with huge fish in mouth. Simply wonderful!

  4. Awh, sorry Neil! Next time you make some mince and tatties, take some down to the loch. Scroll right to the bottom of this page:

    ... and don't forget your camera! ;-)

    I take it Livingston isn't a nature sanctuary. haha.

    I love otters too! :-)