Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A bit of light entertainment.

I'm not that much into dance and I don't really like the Kenny Loggins song 'Footloose' but together all edited up with clips from various films over the years... the end result is, imo, entertaining:


  1. Nice to see John Travolta in his old dancing days. Are such antics allowed in the Church of Scientology?

  2. I wouldn't know! I wouldn't WANT to know!


  3. That's brillant and really made me smile - thanks! And wow, someone really knows their movies to edit that lot together - it's sad how many I can name!

  4. Light entertainment, my ass... as someone who has done some video and digital photography editing and processing, I know this video represents some serious effort... and I bow to your talent.
    What software did you use to pull this together?
    I have always hated this song, but it works so well with the visuals here, I was tapping my feet.
    This video is inspirational in theme and example. I'll be stopping by again for sure...

  5. Hi Mike!

    I wish I could take the credit for that video because I too appreciate the skill that went into it. Alas, it was not my effort.

    I found it somehow (I forget how) on YouTube.

    It's the work of this dude:

    I like it too... despite the song.