Monday, October 11, 2010

Disappointed With My British Friends

You all know who you are!

For a whole month you've all known about it. It must have been on the news. It must have been in the papers. It must have been talked about. And you never, never, never told me!

You all knew that I'd love it. That I would howl with laughter.

Yet you held it back. You kept it from me. No URLs sent. Nothing... sniffles...

You thought you could keep it from me. You selfish, uncharitable, tightfisted meanies!

But I found it! Mwhahahahahaha!



  1. I hadn't heard about these two either!(Do you think they could be related to Vicki Pollard at all?)

    Hilarious, though!


  2. I know! I can't stop watching it!

  3. I would have liked it better if they'd attacked the panel instead of each other. One of them could have got Cowell's head in an arm lock, while the other rubbed her butt in his face.

  4. Didn't know nothing about it, honest I didn't.

  5. Chavtastic...

    Ok, it's good but the entire series is like this...

  6. Diva Fever is so much better entertainment value!

  7. Ha! You can't feign innocence, Simon! ... I'm sure Paul knows about this! (But if he doesn't, tell him, you know he'd like it. Hahaha!)

    What is Diva Fever? Or do I want to know?

  8. That's pure class - you can't buy class like that.