Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ooo, happy day!

A happy ending in my search for a stretchy, comby hairband thingy. I found one!

Actually I found seven of them and I bought them ALL, mwahahahaha. Stocked right up! I will be hair-tickle free, when desired, for many years to come.

Strange though... nowhere on the packaging does it call them anything, just 'Stylize.' I still have no idea what these things are called... so 'stretchy, comby hairband thingies' it is!


  1. Very happy you found your 'stretchy, comby hairband thingies' - now just look after your hair so you have use for them!

    Oh and I can't help but suggest a possible next post for you - a closer look and explanation of the stuff on your refrigerator! I've gone squint trying to make stuff out - no luck.

  2. Very becoming too. Is the balsamic vinegar in any way connected with your hair care? Maybe you use it to rinse your lovely tresses.

  3. You are hilarious! Glad I stumbled accross your blog. I am also from BC.

    Jessica from www.seatomyheart.com

  4. Good idea, Rob! ;-)

    Chris... I too am aged in oak barrels, hair included.

    Hi Jessica - we're in the same city. :-)