Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sweaty Sunday: Here It Goes Again

During my holiday to Scotland, I ate and drank a lot... waaay too much! Lots of great beer, wine, cider, crisps, fish n chips, the best 'coriander chicken' I've ever had, 5 million full Scottish breakfasts, an amazing steak, a memorable chili burger, scones, baguettes, etc... etc... and I did SFA in terms of exercise.

I loved the food and booze binge but wish I would have kept up with the 'running' cos I was finally making real progress. Alas, I didn't... so the last 2 weeks have been all about easing my way back at it... well, really the first week back I pretty much slept 24/7... but this last week, I've been back on the golf course trail, walking -->walk/running. It was tough at first but I've improved a lot in the last couple of days.

I've just looked at the forecast for the coming week... hot and sunny... like 30 degrees hot (ugh). Hmmm... I just might have to stick to a treadmill in a gym with A/C. I've never run on a treadmill before... Hooray for YouTube and instructional videos:


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