Friday, June 25, 2010

HP Sauce is da bomb!

And according to the security people at Heathrow, they mean that almost literally. This wee little fucker... this cute little jar of HP Sauce...

and my stupid packing skills... could have blown up a plane! I shit you not! ;-)

Though I had diligently put all my hand sanitizer, moisturizer, perfume, etc in a clear bag (as per instruction), I had earlier chucked the HP into my carry on bag at the last minute, not even considering that it could pose a threat to international airline security. The x-ray dude spotted it and I was pulled aside, felt up yet again and then had to let them go through my bag... the bag with my bras, panty liners and Wind-Eze tablets in it. Serves me right for endangering the lives of thousands...

On the brightside, after my forth security feel-up of the day, I actually started to enjoy it and I finally found out that the underwire in my bra was making the security thing you walk through to go 'beep.' So... when you travel, for the sake of airline travel security, stay off the sauce and freeboob it.


  1. I think Tom Petty should remix that song "Free Fallin'" into "Freeboobin."

    Saucey Freeboobers: sounds like a great name for a band, or a political party.

    Glad you made it home safe! Hope you had a brilliant time.

  2. You saucy thing you!
    Glad they let you on the plane in the end and you made it back safe.

  3. Free feel-ups? Cool!

    Now that is the cutest little jar ever.

    Hope you had a wonderful trip - do tell all - well, OK, nearly all ...

  4. Did I miss some blog posts? Everyone else seems to know you are home??

    Like the re-design.

  5. Hi, I'm Marnie and I play rhythm guitar for the Saucey Freeboobers... excellent! :-)

    Yes... back in Victoria. Had a great time... mostly. I miss it all very much already... except the black pudding!