Friday, May 28, 2010

Skywatch Friday: Who da thunk it?

In a few hours I'm jumping on a plane and I'll maybe have a view like this:


Cos I'm going here:


Ok, another clue...

A gorgeous song: Calendonia by Dougie Maclean

Yes, I'm going to Scotland! Woohoo!

As excited as I am about going to Scotland (and I am!) I am ooooodles more excited to be going to meet someone who has become very special to me.

And Skywatch Friday is a very fitting blog post today... cos that's where we met! Amazing! Thank you Skywatch Friday! :-)

Go here for more Skywatch Fridays... I'm going to go pack! ;-)


  1. Wow, great photographs. Good luck for your trip.

    By the way, I followed you in Google connect. This is one way to keep in touch. Hope you do the same
    MAPEH homepage
    Pink Go Green

  2. Oh and oooooh?!?!
    Have a safe flight, beware of ash and above all have a fab old time.

  3. Ooh - how bloody exciting! Have a wonderful trip, a great meet-up and a large glass on me!
    Oh, and don't forget the camera of course!!

    N - take care of her!

  4. Oh and if you're flying through Heathrow be sure to wave as you pass over and if you have time to kill, I'll happily keep you company! Of course, you'll have to let me know when etc.

  5. WooHoo! Roll on with the shake and bake emergency parcel! No pressure...

    Hope to see you in Edinburgh! Pop by the office if you can.

  6. Wooohooo! In Vancouver now.... (posting as 'anon' because I can't remember my password, lol)

    I'll wave Rob... I only have an hour at Heathrow.

    Shake n Bake, lol... I actually had to ask where to find it... talk about embarrassing! ;-)

    Ann, I'll for sure have a big glass! Probably a few!

    I'm soooooo excited! :D :D :D

  7. Whoohoo, indeed...

    Welcome to Scotland!

  8. Ou yea! Fantastic news. I'm so happy for You. Say hi to that ol bugger for me. (:

  9. Have an awesome vacation. Scotland...very cool.