Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scenic Sunday - Whetting my appetite

In a couple of weeks, it's the May Two-Four long weekend in Canadaland. In Victoria, there will be 'The 147th Victoria Highland Games & Celtic Festival.'

Yesterday there was a wee taster, a promo, held for the event; The Victoria Tartan Parade featuring a local pipeband, some highland dancers and a few heavy event athletes. I walked down to the harbour and took a few snaps.

I'm a sucker for an old pickup truck.

I liked the various cultural uses for poles in this scene.

I took a few videos too with my cheapo point n shoot and had to convert the vids using freebie software... but they're not too bad, considering.

A successful caber toss (if that's the wording?):

And the pipeband not trampling on the flowers:

I intend to checkout main event in a couple of weeks... watch this space!

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  1. What can I say - can life get better than watching a tosser with The Empress as backdrop!

    Cool post, nice pics and the vids are fun. I'll be back for the next instalment.

  2. Great photos marnie, awash with tarrrrrtan! And can someone shut the bloody sirens off please, they are interfering with the drumming!!

  3. I find it strange to watch pipe bands and kilts and all things Scottish, but it's not here - it's there. Weird. And wonderful. Have a great time at the big event.

  4. Wow really nice post, cool pics and the vids are so fun :)Lovely blog!

    Marinela x

  5. Groovy stuff, Ms TB.

    I've been hangin with some cool Canuck cats on the tours and they nearly all claim some kinda Scottish connection.

    Did you know there are more Gaelic speakers in Nova Scotia than there are in Scotland?

    I've become even more of a bore.

    Love your hame toon, lass, keep us posted.