Saturday, December 12, 2009

Originals vs Covers - Baby Got Back

OK! Third installment of 'Covers vs Originals' and another embarrassing confession: I like big butts! More accurately I love the song 'Baby Got Back' by Sir Mix-A-Lot. It's just one of those songs that makes me get up and dance and smile.

I do have the song... on cassette... but now, when the mood hits me, I just play the video on my laptop. And here it is:

This morning, on my latest 'Baby Got Back' google, I noticed a few different covers of this tune; a folk version, a metal version and a 'Gilbert and Sullivan' version. IMO, they were pretty dull but I did find a few that were more interesting.

This swanky one is by lounge lizard Richard Cheese (crap video quality) is pretty good:

Though I'm not a religious woman, I think the following, very modified, cover is amusing and well done. Here's 'Baby Got Book' by Dan 'Southpaw' Smith:

And when I was googling I found the following. It's not a cover of the song but just a fun way two people used it:

So there you are.

What song is your guilty pleasure?


  1. Wheeeere do you come up with this stuff? Although I kinda think the original is fun, the couple in the end sure did make give me a chuckle. I also thought 'The Bible' version was pretty original. Very interesting stuff Marnie. Bah Humbug indeed! ;-) As for guilty pleasures.........sorry t'is a secret....

  2. old 80's new wave does it for me!! duran duran was a favorite of mine , when i was a teen, so whenever i hear 'rio' it takes me back.

  3. hi mstb! lil som, semi-personal, 2 u @ please take a looksee, if u will.


    will comment on tis piece later.

  4. elvis presley - suspicious minds

    was elvis fan before sex, drugs n' hairmetal took me wit it. am still on da road, i'm affraid. but am enjoying occasional elvis every now n' then. check da pelvis. uuh..! ;)

  5. You know, somehow I missed this song, but now you've shown me what I've been missing. Wonderful. Talk about guilty pleasures. For some reason, only the top video played.