Thursday, November 25, 2010

I love my popcorn ceiling!

It's the most beautiful ceiling in the world! It's like my own personal Sistine Chapel! I love, love, love it!

Ha! No I don't! I fecking HATE it but I'm trying to learn to love it or at least come to accept it because it's not going anywhere soon.

"We hate it too!"

Most people in North America will know what I mean about a popcorn ceiling and most will share their non-love for it. It's just so... not sure of the right word... yuck.

A few weeks ago, I was laying in bed one morning staring up at it and wondering if I should get rid of it and if so, how. After some research... nope, it's staying (asbestos). But during my Googling I found a great little vid about how to get rid of them (spray the ceiling with a water/vinegar mixture). Be sure to watch all the way... the 'exciting' bit happens at about 2mins.

Cool, eh?


  1. I definitely hate the 'popcorn' that we have left. We did have some of it removed when we redid our kitchen...what a mess! The guy said it wasn't hard..but now way do I want to do it.

  2. I hate it too. We have two nice flat "bald" patches in the kitchen - I think kids playing with a ball may have had something to do with that!!

  3. That video was fun. Aside from the mess factor though what are the issues with removing it? You mentioned asbestos in your entry -- this stuff has asbestos in it?

  4. Hi Mike,

    If the popcorn was applied earlier than the mid 70s, there's a very good chance it contains asbestos but after that they switch to something else.

    My place was built when asbestos was used a lot. I could have it tested but that costs and then once I know if it does for sure I would have to list it as "an issue" if I ever sold this place.

    It's safe as long as it's not disturbed. So I'm opting for not disturbing it and not testing it.

    Still... I'd love to do what's in the video! :-)

  5. Yikes! Aren't you concerned about dust from house settling, minor earth tremors, etc.?

    Asbestos is scary stuff... you don't want to mess around with that.

    My pair o' pennies...