Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweaty Sunday: No Sweat.

Yesterday was the local 10K race, the TC10K, the Times-Colonist 10K... the Times-Colonist is the local rag. It's the second largest road race in Canada with over 13,000 participants. Not bad for a wee city on an island, eh?

Photograph by Adrian Lam, Times Colonist

Last January, I signed up to 'run' the event but last week I decided that I wasn't going to participate. My knee is finally feeling good again and I simply do not want to rescrew it up.

I thought about walking the race but I know myself too well. I know I would have gotten caught up in the energy of it all and start running ('running' being running and walking). Plus, my decision to take up running was to run for it's own sake; I just want to do it. Getting my fitness back and shedding some lard are secondary (and necessary!) motivations. Participating in races is a tertiary objective. I don't think I've ever used the phrase 'tertiary objective' before, lol. So, the decision not to participate was dead easy and without any regret.

I did go pick up my t-shirt, bib and shoe timer thingy though! haha!

Next year I will enter again and hopefully I will not only participate but actually run the bugger!

Aside: the winner of the mens was a dude named Kip Kangogo. What a great name!


  1. I praise anyone who can run and still smile. All my parts want to fly off my body when I run. If I ran in a cordoroy suit my thighs would catch fire. Let us know how you're training goes. I'll sit here and cheer you on.

  2. I am sorry you did not run Marnie but I fully understand, those big races just pick you up and sweep you along. Maybe try a little run somewhere small that doesn't sweep you off your feet.
    Smiles and keep working at it!

  3. Excellent! I have managed not to run every year so far but you have inspired me with a new goal for next year - register and then don't run. This is brilliant - I can have the t-shirt without the inconvenience.

    I like the new layout though I miss the toast.