Monday, April 19, 2010

Sweaty Sunday: A Convert to Chips

Gawd Allmitey! Praize da Lawd! Sweet Jeebus! I have converted to chips.

No, no, no... not these kind:

I'm already a dedicated and faithful follower of the above and these too:

Too faithful really.

And depending upon where I am on the globe, spiritual nourishment can be found here (hi Neil):

Or here:

Or, depending on your interests, it can be found here (hi Jayne):

I've never been faithful to these chips:

But, at one time in my life, I was a worshiper of these chips:

Sinful, I know... but I was only 12!

I have no idea what this sign means but obviously some forms of chips are of Satan and not to be done (in that area):

But these chips are from Heaven! I have seen the Light! Halleluja!!!

Salvation is a six inch deep, 2 mile long spongy trail of freshly laid wood chips.


More seriously, both Neil and Jayne had been bitching at me suggesting to me ;-) that finding a wood chip trail to run on would be good. "Yeah, yeah, yeah... but the view is so inspiring!" ... where I used to run, before a second round of knee pain knocked some sense into me.

Now, I 'run' here; on a chip trail around a golf course. It's a very beautiful, though hilly, trail that looks mostly like this:

Though from the top of the brutal 'Big Hill' I can still see my inspiring view:

The trail is on the far right... see the ant-people? Killer hill.

Weather permitting, the Olympic Mountains cheer me on. And they're a great excuse too. I can stand there and appear like I'm admiring them, when really... I'm just standing there cos I feel like my lungs are going to explode after hauling my ass up that fucking hill! ;-)


  1. Bitch, moi?? Never, whine maybe...

  2. S'ok Jayne.I'm the uberbitch. I take collective responsibilty.
    Now.... this pinkness.......!

  3. Oh neither of you are bitchy! I just don't like being wrong and that was my attempt to deflect my shame. :-P

    Yes, this pinkness. What do you think, Neil?

  4. You weren't wrong, just enthusiastic and we were concerned for your knees. Trust me, after attending to a mother with two knee jobs, you end up sensitised.

  5. I converted to trail running dispite despite my ungracious spills to save my knees! Good on you for persevering. I love the new spring look of your blog. Keep up the great work.

  6. I like the look of your blog...I love the pink.

  7. If I hauled my ass up that hill, I'd be looking for an oxygen tent! Well done you. Now, can I recommend those choccie chips in a nice big muffin?!

  8. Hilarious. I love trail running.