Thursday, January 29, 2009

A stupid thing that still bothers me...

I bought a ladder about three years ago. On it, is this sticker. I see it everyday as the ladder is here in my home office. Everytime I walk by it, a big question mark forms in my head.

Does anyone know what the bottom image means? The others are obvious: skis are an available accessory, don't wear floods with boots, impressions of the Statue of Liberty are lame... but the bottom one... three years on and I still have no idea what the image is trying to convey.



  1. duh, its bleeding obvious innit. No Private detectives allowed. Duh

  2. Ah but there's no big X through it! I like the private detective angle though... perhaps 'this ladder is only to be used by private detectives'... 'this ladder is haunted by Jeremy Brett'... 'this ladder is a crime scene'...