Thursday, December 18, 2008

Laid on!?

Yesterday, I met with a couple of people from a local nonprofit. I had volunteered my social research skills to them because it would be nice to use them for 'good' and I like this organization and want to help (win, win situation)... and they called my bluff! Haha....

I had a couple ceiling-staring nights prior to this meeting because I could not come up with any great ideas to propose to them. I started to dread the meeting because I felt like I'd fail their expectations and just felt like a dough head for not being able to think up anything. I very nearly cancelled but kicked my ass out the door.

The meeting was great! They have oodles of interesting ideas and they need a lot of stuff figured out. And, for me, it's all very interesting because I understand the need for this research from very personal experiences. They weren't expecting me to have any ideas at all and were very pleased with the ideas that I had actually come up with.

Oh, and they offered me job. Crikey! Just as people all around me are getting laid off in the big business world, I get offered a part-time (perfect!) job in the non-profit sector.

I am definitely considering their offer.

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